Most frightening experience of my life

It was my mom of course. Unfortunately, that is how my mind works. A customer came in and Mr. I remember thinking, who do I want to see right now.

Most Frightening Experience of My Life

What kind of adult might I have been had this not happened to me? Then, Most frightening experience of my life all odds, the strong wind stopped and rain began to fall. He called to Edyth McDonald and me to come into his office. Was it just a random act? I made reservations at a very nice resturant for Joe, his wife, Rose, Jackie and myself, then told Jackie about my plans.

We bumped into some people they were our parents. By Sept 04, I had only been flying for two years and one month; and only had hours in my logbook. He said that we were not far from Coney Island Hospital and that he would take me.

The car stopped and I had a brief moment of relief. I looked back and noticed the guys started to disperse in different directions; I knew they would try to cut me off. I was using my arms to try and push the blanket off and next I was sitting up and a woman's voice kinda robotic and evil next to me said "don't forget your blanket" and it was still daytime so I looked on next to me and saw no one but the vibrating sound started again and I was so scared because I knew what she meant so I stood up and the room turned blue, twilight-like and empty but my friend's bed was still there.

Narrative Essay - Scary Experience

I was very afraid and so were my friends we decided to go back from where we came. One of the men at the swimming pool announced that the situation was under control. This would be her first long cross country in the I had seen just the tops of their heads as they went into his office and thought they were Indians and that Mr.

It was very scary because he could not control himself. Blood was dripping from my forehead and every part of me ached. I chose after of course and once the mask hit me, I started counting down from one hundred and didn't even make it to ninety-seven.

Some hours far outweigh others in providing us with experience and teaching us lessons. I don't understand why I could move my arms, hands, how I stood up, how I dropped myself to the floor when I couldn't walk forward. Her father, Joe, had a reputation for being a extremely mean old man, who was overly protective of his only daughter, since she was the youngest of four children and fifteen years younger than the third youngest boy.

It also indicated that M24 Wiggins, MS was closest and five miles behind me. It felt like whatever it was was going to rape me so I screamed with everything I had and woke myself up and my friend also woke up and I told her what happened and I started to believe I was in some type of horror movie that something evil was with me.'The most frightening experience of my life' Jump to media player Stephanie and her daughter Kennedy tell BBC News about their "frightening" experience.

19 People Share The Most Terrifying Experience Of Their Lives That Should Have Left Them Dead

Since I am sixty six years old and have spent most of my life in the Army I have had many frightening experiences, most of them envolving life or death, however the most frightening experience of my life was when I was twenty two years old and looking back at it is was actually very comical, expecially since I had already served two years in Viet Nam.

The most frightening experience of my life I have heard many people telling some frightening stories that they experienced in their lives.

But those stories are not as terrifying as mine. The Most Frightening Experience In My Life. For many people the most meaningful experience of their lives is well defined, clear and concise.

One given occurrence, at a given time and in a clear setting can change the meaning of life for a person. May 19,  · The most frightening day of my life.

Last year I spent my summer holidays in the popular resort of Entre Rios. The hotel was comfortable and beautiful. It was the most frightening experience of my life.

Most Frightening Experience of My Life Essay

Milkyway. en Etiquetas: anecdote. 2 comments: Anonymous 25 May at I'm wondering whether it was a hurricane. Most Frightening Experience Of My Life - Sleep Paralysis Like A Horror Movie. I laid down on my friend's couch in her room during the day. She was laying on her bed watching the movie "Fear" and I fell "asleep" but I was still "awake", I could see my friend laying down and I could hear the movie.

Most frightening experience of my life
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