Periyar pollution

Nirar and Anamalayar, tributaries of Periyar are covered under this agreement. According to environmentalists, there has been much hue and cry over saving the river. Sitaramansince The Idamala and Pooyamkutty rivers drain most of this section while its southern edge drains into the main Periyar.

The government and voluntary organizations should take initiatives in creating power awareness among the society regarding the ill effects of river pollution.

Unchecked pollution on the Periyar

After allegations of illegal nexus between the company and PCB, the pollution board was forced to constitute a people's committee to monitor the problem. The southern boundary of the Cardamom Hills runs along a westerly spur hill starting from the Chokkampatti Mala which initially runs north and then turns northwest almost parallel to the Sivagiri Range.

It has a rich and varied birdlife. There were enough facilities, such as manholes, through which the company could have discharged chemical effluents Periyar pollution Periyar.

May 10, The dam also permits storage of water for the dry summer period when many other reservoirs in the area are low. Religious and cultural significance There are several places of religious significance along the banks of the Periyar.

The river originates in Kerala, flows entirely through Kerala and joins the Arabian Sea in the Kerala. These rainforests extend further west into the adjacent Pamba basin within the Gudarakal Forest Range and continue south beyond the Gudarakal Range into the forests of the Achankovil Division.

Eloor has been identified as one of the toxic hotspots in the world by Greenpeace, an international NGO campaigning against environmental destruction. The western edge of Panniyar and Muthirapuzha Basins form the eastern border of this section.

The basin is ecologically sensitive. The church is dedicated to St.

Periyar pollution: probe begins

There are about industries including the prominent ones like Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. The landforms of this section are broad valleys, submerged lands with swamps and marshes and subdued sand dunes.

It has also been reported that the river contains unacceptably high levels of pathogens, rendering it a health hazard. Some of the major recommendations are ensuring zero effluent discharge from the industrial units in the Eloor-Edayar stretch and zero emission from companies.

They are assisted by Kerala Pollution Control Board members. They were also asked to remove the plastic waste dumped near the factory premise and produce documents related to the disposal of waste. Interestingly it has apparently ignored the report of the Greenpeace submitted to the State Health Department last September listing industrial units responsible for increasing toxicity in the Periyar.

Greenback holds the Hindustan Insecticides Ltd HILL that has been manufacturing pesticides at its Lore plant responsible for making the industrial village a toxic hotshot.

Pollution: Colour of Periyar changes yet again

The river caters to the entire water needs of the district, especially from Bhoothathankettu near Kothamangalam to Kochi city.

At the turn of the 20th century, it was fully covered by evergreen forests. This population is genetically more diverse and distinct from the much larger elephant population further north in the Ghats. The people rejected the proposed toxic dumping plan of the panchayat as it would permanently destroy the water table.

The decision was taken after a joint inspection by PCB officials and people's committee on Monday. Death due to bronchitis at Lore is up by 3. This area is believed to harbour about 2, elephants and is one of the potential landscapes for the long-term conservation of the species.Periyar River is home to more than chemical industries, including the only DDT-producing facility in India.

The major water quality problem associated with rivers of kerala is bacteriological pollution. People yet to understand gravity of Periyar pollution, says expert They believe water purification removes all pollutants’ The people, especially the middle class, aren’t really seized of the gravity and direness of the pollution that.

Periyar is one of the longest and perennial river in India that flows all through Kerala. Periyar plays an important role in Kerala because it is a source of drinking water and domestic use for many towns across the state and it is a reflection to Kerala's economy because it helps in activities like.

As with many of India’s waterways, the Periyar river of Kerala in southwest India is under constant threat from pollution.

Periyar (river)

Towards the mouth of the river, the levels of pollution are staggering, with the habitat packed with lethal toxins such as. Industrial Pollution of the Periyar River Essay example Words 4 Pages Periyar is one of the longest and perennial river in India that flows all through Kerala. Periyar pollution: Closure threat for paper mill again The joint inquiry committee, constituted to look into allegations regarding the discharge of chemical effluents into Periyar by Sree Sakthi Paper Mills, has recommended the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) to issue the closure notice again.

Periyar pollution
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