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Jongleurs traveled in groups and entertain people wherever they can, in great halls, at tournaments and archery contests, at fairs and marketplaces. It is of how survival waking up to its final feeble day, refuses to die. Bassam's closest friend is George.

All of the aspects that exist in our everyday life are beautifully crammed into this novel. Hence also the popularity of the De Niro-game of the title, good old Russian roulette, which takes at least two lives here.

De Niro gets more involved with the Christian militia, draws closer to its leader, and enters into a world of drugs and vice. Each must eventually settle for separate complicated destinies as a tough survival pack.

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The conventional woman reader would require the necessary ability to stomach scenes of violence and torture amid the eloquent prose. All very real, ongoing possibilities. De Niro's Game is experimental in the sense of being a book in which the author is still trying to find a voice.

Be warned that Hage expounds on a charismatic writing voice - picture the hot-blooded lover whispering in your ear from start to finish.

Rawi Hage was born in East Beirut in There is a lyricism that propels this dark narrative forward that makes this a memorable read. It implies a lack of shimmer, as if all prose has to be showy, or has to undulate from within.

No doubt, his is a contemporary novel both experimental in style with its preference for straightforward narration and compressed with rude slick conversational gestures and ease of twists in forms exploited for different episodes.

With limited English and his family thousands of miles away, he struggled emotionally, having to live daily with news of bombs dropping at home. Hage is the master of his own fictitious manouverings, dressings his many chapters with colourful intolerant personalities and commanding his words to dance and swing to the grand sounds of a tempestuous opera.

This is a story of understandably aimless youth, living in a present where it's absurd to believe in much of a future, and where they know the future can change entirely at a moment's notice.

Yet, with a surprise and wonderfully-mastered end, the brilliant Rawi Hage easily gets away with it. Not surprisingly, disease and the fear of disease did not go away; rather, more fears piled up: An uninterrupted conversation between two people who do not have an audience to care about.

Only one may hold the trump card or none at all.Summary and reviews of De Niro's Game by Rawi Hage, plus links to a book excerpt from De Niro's Game and author biography of Rawi Hage.

De Niro's Game: A Novel [Rawi Hage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Childhood best friends Bassam and George have grown to be men in war-ravaged Beirut. But through Hage's words, we experience it--the pain, the horror, the disillusionment, the destruction of any sense of morality or purpose.

The marvelous works of /5(19). Play our free Single Player Games. Categories include action, shooting, strategy, puzzle and more. New games will be added every month! From the Reviews: "Set in east Beirut towards the end of the Lebanese civil war, De Niro's Game is the most subtly nuanced, psychologically compelling book about the corrosive effects of war to have been written for a long time." - Adrian Turpin, Financial Times "Rawi Hage verdeutlicht die Konsequenzen, die alle Entscheidungen seiner Protagonisten mit sich bringen, unbarmherzig.

― Rawi Hage, De Niro's Game. 5 likes. Like “There will always be a just fight and a cause to die for.” ― Rawi Hage, Carnival. tags: cause, just-fight, to-die-for. 4 likes. Like “Here in these circuses and carnivals we all love each other with our oddities and queernesses.” “Never underestimate a clown with a book.” ― Rawi.

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Jan 08,  · Extra Lives () by Tom C. Bissel, its not a novel, it describes why video games matter to Tom from to and.

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The theme of morality in rawi hages novel de niros game
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